In last 4 years, social media has doubled its monthly active users. Data shows that in 2013 Facebook only had 1 billion active users. Today, in 2017, Facebook has over 2 billion active users and it is rapidly increasing. Five years ago social media was considered as an addiction. Now it is the only way most people communicate with their friends and family members. Growth in social media brings a great digital marketing opportunity for businesses. Starbucks, Old Spice, Staples, and Uline are great examples for a successful social media presence.

Why Social Media is so Important?

We can help you to be more visible to social media search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not only for Google, Bing and Yahoo, but for all social media platforms. The second largest search engine after Google is Youtube. This fact is usually ignored by most people because of the confusion between social media and search engine terms. It is very important for a business to be present in every single social platform regardless of it’s size.

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  • Being present and active in all social media platforms shows progressiveness of a company and gives it a more serious look in today’s technology world.
  • Social media is a great way to let your clients know about the news and deals about your business.
  • It can be your best salesman. A well optimized and managed social media post can bring thousands of potential clients to your website within few minutes.
  • Great chance to humanize the brand and gain customers’ sympathy.
  • Social media helps companies to lower their marketing costs.
  • Social media presence increases brand recognition.
  • We can help you to manage your social media
  • Posting 1 optimized post everyday for 6 social media pages. (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, Google+)
  • Monitoring all platforms to respond to comments, messages and posts. (Directing customers to related products or services)
  • Monitoring 6 social media platforms to ensure everything is running smoothly
  • Setting up social media pages.
  • Technical e-mail support ( 7 days a week 8am – 6pm) [email protected]
  • Cancel any time and get your refund with a 5-day electronic or written notice.
  • We don’t surprise you. We agree on strategy and you can approve all deliverables.
  • We use content on your website and advertise a different item every day.
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