Safe and Secure Web Hosting

Our Business Hosting will give you a peace of mind!

We‘re committed to providing safe web hosting services for our local Knoxville, TN and nationwide clients. We take website safety seriously and work hard to ensure that your website database won’t get stolen by foreign malware. The number of attacks to U.S. businesses is rising rapidly. Self-owned hosting accounts and self-made websites are under high risk for foreign malware. Open source content management systems like WordPress makes your business even more vulnerable to hackers. 

secure hosting

You can put a stop to it by working with us.

Your business will be protected with complex SSL encryption; be given a strong firewall; and you will receive periodic backups and private hosting.

We can transfer your website to your new hosting with very affordable prices and even take care of your former web hosting provider! We provide outstanding customer service during the transformation process anytime during your web hosting contract with us. 

If you experience slow loading times with your website, we will manually inspect your website 100% free of charge and give you a quote in less than 48 hours. Usually, slow loading websites relate to poorly developed web applications. We can increase the loading speed of your website at least 30% before transferring to our web servers.

Commonly asked Questions and Answers

1- Do you have fast web hosting services for businesses?

Yes, we provide different speeds for different needs. We will quote you for only what you need based on your website type, your traffic, and your specific needs.

2- Do we have to sign a long-term hosting contract?

No! You don’t have to get stuck in long-term contracts with us. Unlike other web design and hosting companies, we don’t rely on contracts. To make sure our clients won’t leave us, we provide outstanding customer service and keep our clients happy.

3- Can we reach Prismo anytime for web hosting related questions?

Yes! You can reach us 7 days a week during our work hours. We usually return our clients’ emails in only a matter of minutes. 

4- We think our website got infected by foreign malware. Can you clean it?

Yes! We can get your website free of malware also patch up the vulnerabilities to make sure it won‘t get hacked again. 

5- What is your hosting price range?

Our web hosting service prices change between $285 - $2450 a year.We will quote you for only what you need. 

6- How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 2017. We are located in Knoxville, TN.

7- Who owns Prismo Web Solutions?

Prismo Web Solutions is owned by Baris Sener. He lives in Knoxville, TN with his wife Courtney and their dogs. 

8- Why is Prismo Web Solutions affordable compared to other web hosting companies in Knoxville?

Unlike our competitors, we don‘t have office expenses. We meet with our clients at a public place like Whole Foods or we have a virtual video chat. 

9- Are you located in The United States?

Yes, we are 100% in the United States and we never outsource overseas.

10- How do we pay you?

You can pay us annually or monthly. We accept checks, credit cards, and direct deposit. 

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