Finding a good web designer in Knoxville,TN might be tougher than you think!

Prismo Web Solutions is an affordable, high end web development and digital marketing company perfect for those looking to expand their business in Knoxville, TN. We have been serving small and mid sizes businesses in Knoxville for almost two years.

We care about your success and want you to get the best return for the money that you pay. We optimize your website for Google, allowing people to find your website during a search. The first requirement for a well optimized website is the speed. Our websites load at least 30% faster compared to our compitors in Knoxville; this helps your website to get a better ranking.

Our websites also get a better SEO secore. Prismo Web Solutions will give your website a personal touch and treat you and your business with respect and intergrity.

Prismo Web Solutions is a small-sized company with only one full time employee and several part time workers. We are 100% U.S. based and don't hire developers outside the U.S. We can help your business with almost anything you can imagine with Digital Marketing.


Our CEO Baris Sener is an expert Web Developer who has specialized in Search Engine Optimization and high performig web applications. Mr. Sener lives in West Knoxville with his wife Mrs. Logan. Mr. Sener has been providing high-end digital marketing services in Knoxville for almost two years.

We are dedicated to help the people of Knoxville in everyway we can. We have very affordable web services for micro local businesses.

Let us offer you our outstanding services with our low cost monthly payment plans. We gurantee you that you will be highly satisfied.

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Prismo Web Solutions

Ebenezer Rd. Knoxville, TN 37923

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Email: [email protected]

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Monday through Friday: 9am - 6pm / Saturday: 10am - 3pm / Sunday: 10am - 1pm