How to get more customers for your electrical business?

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One of the biggest challanges in today's market is making people aware of your presence. Being an electrician is tough and dangerous and it deserves respect, but there are so many people doing the same job as you. It is almost impossible for new starters and old school electricians to get enough customers to make a decent living.

Digital marketing companies want to charge small business owners thousands of dollars for only basic web development and advertisting services -- that is unacceptable. We are aware of the compatition you are in and want you to get a greater return on your digital advertisting investment. There are certain steps you need to follow if you want more people to visit your website.

1- Make sure your website loads faster than any other website out there!

It is curicial to have a fast loading website. The loading speed of your website will directly effect your visibility. If you want to increase the speed of your website, avoid using many pictures and optimize the size of the existing images.

It is important not use too much JavaScript on your website. The Fastest loading websites only contain HTML and CSS coding.

2- Use all the required SEO tags so Google can understand what your website is about.

It is important to use search optimization tags on your website. We want Google bots to understand what our content is about and what our subject matter is. You must use H tags, Meta, and various SEO tags so your website can easily be found by your potential customers.

All SEO tags have certain places on the web page, so make sure to place them in the right place. (They are mostly in the head section of your website)

3- Don't use self website creating apps.

There are a lot of websites claiming that you can create an amazing performing website without requiring an actual web designer, but that is a huge misconsemption. The websites you can create through these apps will never perform well in Google search results for various reasons:

4- Start a blog for your electrician website

If you want people to find your website faster and easier, you can write helpful blog posts about the services you provide. As an electrician, what are the main services you provide?

Let's say you write a blog post about quality control on a newly built home's electrician work. Such a blog article can greatly increase your chance at getting a new customer who is in need of an electrician who can install an electrical system in their new house. Why? Becuase your website will automacticly start ranking higher in related keywords in Google search results.

5- Hire a good electrician web design company

Don't just hire a web design company that pops up first in the search results with paid ads --hire the ones that truly understand your business and your business needs. There are specisific SEO tags that your web designer can use for greater Google ranking only meant for electricians.


Our CEO Baris Sener is an expert Web Developer who has specialized in Search Engine Optimization and high performig web applications. Mr. Sener lives in West Knoxville with his wife Mrs. Logan. Mr. Sener has been providing high-end digital marketing services in Knoxville for almost two years.

We are dedicated to help the people of Knoxville in everyway we can. We have very affordable web services for micro local businesses.

Let us offer you our outstanding services with our low cost monthly payment plans. We gurantee you that you will be highly satisfied.

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