How to be the most popular contractor in your city with the power of digital marketing

One of the most important ways to prove credibility to your clients as a contractor is a professional website. As a contractor, what matters most on a good contraction website? We very often advise our clients to write useful information about the way they work and their ethics on their professional contractor websites. Being original and talking about what makes your construction company the best in your area with your own words just as great as installing drywall on LDL studs. (LDL fan here)

1- Work with a web design company that understands what your business does.

As you can imagine, constructing a website involves more than designing the front end; it also involves heavy coding. Like the finishing carpentry on a house, the design is merely there to impress your visitors.

Design of a website is very important -- that's how your visitors will decide whether your business is worthy to work with. However, design will not help your potential clients find you. Have you ever heard of SEO? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is misunderstood by the web designers 90% of the time. SEO is all about efficiency and being organized. A fast loading website with a lot of useful information will be a lot more likely to rank better than a website with an average loading speed (1.5sec) and just a little information about the work you do.

You should avoid working with web designers pitching fancy websites that are full of sliding images from left to right. Professional web designers try to keep the text content and visual content ratio well balanced. This way, your website will load quickly and will have useful information about your construction business.

2- Always be in touch with your web designer

Most people think that only paying once for a website is smarter than paying your web designer month to month, but that is not true. Having a successful website that attracts a lot of visitors takes time and effort to develop. You want your web designer to be on a payroll so you can get the best return for the money you pay.

You also need to be in touch with your web designer so you can get your website updated and get the small errors fixed quickly. You can save yourself thousands of dollars by paying a monthly fee as opposed to paying a web desinger for every update on your website.

3- Keep adding content to your website

Did you know that keeping your website up to date can increase your Google ranking significantly? You can write useful articles about the products and the services you provide for your clients and automatically increase your place in search results.

4- Keep up the good work!

The most important part of the successful web presence is stability. You should keep sharing new articles about your business so you can eventually be the number one contractor in your city even the state.

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